My Broadcast Expereince

This is a page dedicated to all the knowledge and opportunities I have been exposed to in the the broadcast field. You can think of it as an online resume/experience timeline.

December, 2014

I was selected by a professor to a five student panel from over 400 students to give a persuasive speech in front of about 200 peers and professors on any topic. My goal was to persuade the audience that there needs to more rules and regulations regarding concussions in football at all age levels. I placed second with this speech below.

After the competition, I approached one of the judges, who was a UWG alumni. This man was Sam Crenshaw. Approaching Sam after that competition and exchanging information was the establishment of a new friendship, and a new opportunity for myself. Since then, I have been writing for his website, about the teams here at my school, the University of West Georgia. I like to think of Sam as a personal mentor of mine now. He shares knowledge and feedback with me regarding my writing, and has been a huge contributor to my dream of becoming a sports broadcaster.

August, 2015

During August of 2015, I published my first article on Sam’s website. I also created this site, which has grown into something I never would have imagined.

October, 2015

In October of 2015, I toured 92.9 The Game, a popular sports talk radio show. My professor, Andrew Will, took me and one other classmate to the radio station. It was great to meet some on-air personalities such as Hugh Douglas as well as see how some of the behind-the-scenes stuff works. We also got to ask questions and exchange information with the professionals. This was a great experience and I hope to be able to go back one day.

92.9 The Game tour

Also in October of 2015, I assisted ESPN3 with two live broadcast of UWG football games. I was very fortunate to receive an opportunity to sit in the press box alongside play-by-play commentator Don Russell and color commentator Rick Rhodes assisting them in broadcasting the game for Gulf South Television and ESPN3. I relayed stats, down and distance, scoring drives, penalties, and other aspects of the game to technicians in the truck to make graphics for the people watching the game on television. I assisted the team in the first Valdosta State game on October 10th, where UWG won 49-28. I also assisted them on October 24th with North Alabama broadcast. UWG won this game 31-10. These were both incredible experience for me and I gained valuable insight in the professional world of sports broadcasting.


The article I wrote on the Valdosta State experience can be found by clicking this link

The article I wrote on the North Alabama experience can be found by clicking this link

December, 2015


In December of 2015, I had two amazing professional experiences. Since I had consistently reported on the Wolves almost every week during the 2015 football season, I was awarded with a seat in the press box for the National Quarterfinal game vs Tuskegee. I was not doing the same job I had done a couple months before, I was just taking my usual game notes and photos, but from the press box. I was in the middle of the Times-Georgian and the UCM (University Communications and Marketing) and had my own name tag on my chair.It was really neat seeing my name printed out and the sheet reserving a seat for me, especially in a game with such magnitude.

More notably, I was very fortunate to sit alongside play-by-play announcer Sam Crenshaw and color announcer Hugh Douglas in their radio broadcast of the 1st annual Air Force Reserve Celebration Bowl. The Celebration Bowl, or the HBCU (Historically BlackCollege and University) National Championship, features the champions of the MEAC and the SWAC. Rather than entering the FCS playoffs, the champions of these two leagues will now meet every year in Atlanta to compete for the HBCU title.

AFR Celebration Bowl

The game was aired in a prime-time television spot and was the first bowl game of the 2015 football season. The full description of my experience that day and exactly what I did for the broadcast can be found in my article I wrote on the game. This opportunity gave me a real, hands-on experience in the field of sports broadcast and I cannot thank the individuals responsible enough.

Me with Sam Crenshaw, Charles Oakley JR. and Hugh Douglas

Below, you can find where Sam and Hugh mentioned my name in the broadcast for everyone listening on radio.


Miscellaneous Projects

The Wrap Up – Sports Radio Project

This is a sports radio project that my classmates and I turned in for our final for sports communication. In it, you can find statistics, commentary on the season, multiple opinions, and overall milestones accomplished for the 2015 football season.

Note-This was made the week of the Tuskegee playoff game. UWG went on to defeat Tuskegee and advance to the final four where they lost to Northwest Missouri State University.We are all very proud of what the Wolves accomplished this year. We threw in some differing opinions to keep the audience interested. (Created with Adobe Audition)


Radio Production Project – Short Clip of a Radio Broadcast

This is a project I did for my radio production class. I recorded the one clip you hear in the beginning, and then pieced it together with the other clips the instructor provided us. Highlights a little bit of on-air talent as well as some cutting, editing, and fading in/out abilities. (Created with Adobe Audition)



Radio Production Project – Snickers Radio Commercial

This is a 30 second radio commercial I put together for a class project. It is meant to appeal to men aged 18-45 who have somewhat of a knowledge on football. I created the ‘football play’ clip you hear by piecing  4 short mp3s together. All voices were done by me, Brandon Wright. (Created with Adobe Audition)


Web Design

Along with this site, I have created some other websites with the knowledge I gained through my Web Page Design Class. You can take a look at these sites by heading over to my Web Design Portfolio page