From Marshall to West Georgia, Phillip Warren’s Story Told by Phillip Himself

I want to start off by recognizing the West Georgia athletic department for this amazing opportunity. I cannot thank you all enough.

Yesterday I was fortunateheadshot enough to sit down with West Georgia’s newest addition to the secondary, Phillip Warren. Aside from Phillip’s outstanding athletic ability, he possesses excellent people skills and is wonderful in front of the camera.

I suggest every athlete take a page from this young man’s book. His passion for success, willingness to never give up, and all around genuineness is very admirable.

Phillip started his career originally committed to Texas Tech out of Southridge High School in Miami. For various reasons, Phillip decided to make his way to Marshall, rather than Texas Tech.

At Marshall in Warren’s freshman year he appeared in 8 games and amassed 26 tackles, 2 deflected passes, a tackle for loss and a forced fumble. Things looked very bright for the star corner going into his sophomore year.

Unfortunately, Phillip’s career at Marshall was cut short, due to his violation of team rules. When I asked him if he would like to comment on his actions that lead him to be dismissed at Marshall, he had a very praiseworthy answer, rather than making excuses.

Phillip Warren tackles runningback David Wilson of Virginia Tech in his freshman year at Marshall

“Honestly, it was me being immature at the time, not knowing the opportunities I had lined up. I do not regret anything, I look at it as a learning lesson in life. I was blessed to be a part of a great university, a great coaching staff, and a great team (Marshall). Things happen and now I’m just moving forward in my life.”

From 2012-2015, Warren had not been playing collegiate football. One must think that it would be very hard for an athlete to have a nearly three year break and be able to come back at the same level of play, but Phillip put all those doubts to shame.

Only a couple months after his move from Miami to Carrollton, Phillip has found himself right in the middle of the rotation at cornerback. With three returning starters in the secondary, it has been no easy task for Warren to get playing time.

Phillip tackles quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who now starts for the Vikings, during his freshman year at Marshall.

“Oh man, it’s hard out there. We got some great guys and everybody is talented. Everybody is always going 110%” Warren stated when asked about earning a spot in the rotation.

Last Saturday, Phillip assisted on a tackle in the Wolves 44-13 win over Catawba. Phillip stated this was huge for his confidence after being out of the game for two years.

“The emotions that ran through my body were crazy. I was just blessed to even be out there and get another opportunity. It was everything to me; it touched my heart,” Warren stated.

It seems the wolves have found themselves a diamond in the rough in Phillip Warren, his useful experience is sure to bring out the best in the UWG secondary.

Warren had very high praise for the coaching staff and football program in general at West Georgia, and even made a little prediction. We also discussed what led him to UWG and how Coach Hall’s program there compares to division one schools. Catch all that and more in the full interview below!

The first UWG home game is tonight at 7 PM at University Stadium where nearly 10,000 people are expected to attend.

This is actually my very first interview I have ever done, so bear with me on the camera angles and audio. Hope you all enjoy!


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